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Sensory Garden 

Our Beautiful Garden and Outdoor Classroom is complete! Thanks to all our Volunteers and Sponsors!

Sensory Garden Classroom & Swing

Our Sensory Garden provides a beautiful, calm, relaxing, delicious, quiet hour of peace and stillness for mom and dad, or a wonder-filled exploratory play time for siblings of our riders.  While the rider is having their lesson, family members can explore the gardens, dig in the dirt, weed the beds, pick fruit or veggies, read, bird watch or butterfly watch.  An hour in the midst of a hectic week to take a deep breath and be still.  Also, our speech therapist will use the Sensory Garden for speech therapy and as part of our Sensory Integration Program.  For example, children with sensory integration needs will ride for 30 minutes then go into the Sensory Garden for one-on-one therapy with goal directed sensory integration and language processing skill development.  There will be an ‘outdoor classroom space’ so even if the weather is a bit inclement, Sheri Peterson our SLP, can still conduct the rest of the lesson in a very rich and stimulating environment.

Sensory Garden_1
Sensory Garden Fountain
Senory Garden Fairy Village
Sensory Garden_2

The Sensory Garden was started in early Fall of 2015.  There are over 35 different eye-catching, tasty, wonderous, fragrent, touchable plants, flowers, shrubs, trees, berrys and grasses that we would like to plant in the Sensory Garden - and that isn't even counting the interactive Fairy Garden Kingdom, the double sided sand box with arched wooden bridge - and perhaps a friendly Troll or two living under it...

 You can see the list of vegetation below.  If you have a heart for gardens and most especially a heart for young children with special needs and would like to contribute to this wonderland, please contact Julie with plants to donate or your charitable tax-deductible gift to help finish out this beautiful little piece of 'haven.'


Sensory Garden Layout
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